Costs Of Keeping Isopods


Cubaris isopods, known for their diverse colours and patterns, are a group of small land-dwelling crustaceans that belong to the family of Armadillidiidae. These tiny creatures are becoming more popular in the exotic pet trade due to their unique characteristics and low maintenance requirements.


Cubaris isopods are often referred to as “roly-poly” or “pillbugs” because they can curl up into a ball when threatened. Unlike their aquatic relatives, Cubaris isopods live on land and can be found in various environments ranging from forests to deserts.


There are different types of Cubaris isopod varieties available, each with their unique physical characteristics and coloration. Some of the most popular ones include:


  1. Cubaris murina: Known for their dark grey to black coloration, these isopods have a shimmering metallic appearance.


  1. Cubaris sp. “Rubber Ducky”: These isopods got their name due to their bright yellow-orange coloration with black spots that resemble a rubber duck.


  1. Cubaris rufescens: These isopods are recognized by their red-brown coloration and a hard, armoured exoskeleton.


  1. Cubaris sp. “White Out”: These isopods have a white coloration with black eyes, antennae and legs.


Cubaris isopods are known for their scavenger behaviour and play an essential role in nutrient recycling and soil health maintenance. They are easy to keep as pets and serve as a unique addition to any terrarium or vivarium setup.


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