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Isopods: What Makes Them the Perfect Pets?

Isopods: What Makes Them the Perfect Pets?

Isopods are being sought by enthusiasts and collectors alike, especially in places like the UK. These visually stunning organisms make the best additions to terrariums and as homely pets.

From affordability to limited space requirements, isopods come with numerous reasons to qualify as excellent family pets. Isopods would be the best choice for people looking for a great starting pet option for their kids.

Here are some more reasons why isopods make the best pets for you.

Reasons for Keeping Isopods as Pets

The most popular reasons to have isopods as pets are as follows.

  • Availability of options


  • Easy to care for


  • Affordable


  • Possibility of breed experimentation


  • Best clean-up crew


  • Good companion pets


  • Minimal space needed

Let’s look at each of the points above in detail.

Availability of Options

Isopods come in all patterns, shapes, and sizes. This wide variety is very rare among pet animals. You can get isopods in almost all colours. Cubaris Jupiter Isopods, Molten Lava Isopods, etc., are some of the bestsellers in the category of isopods for sale UK.

Easy to Care For

Isopods are extremely low maintenance when compared to other household pets. They don’t have any specific diets, as most of them eat everything offered to them. You only have to provide them with substrate and food occasionally. Even if you could not feed them for a couple of days, they will survive just fine. This level of low requirement of maintenance is very rare among pets.


Isopod species possess many affordable varieties. Many colourful isopod species are available for under 25 pounds. Once you have purchased a set of isopods, you need not buy another set, as the first ones will quickly breed further. You only have to buy another set if you want to bring variety to the lot.

Breed Experimentation

As mentioned before, isopods breed pretty quickly. You can experiment with their breeding as a wide variety is available for isopods. You can mix two types to breed a new one. People worldwide experiment with isopod colors and patterns and breed unique ones.

Best Clean-Up Crew

Isopods, along with being cute pets, are incredible cleaners in places like terrariums and pet tanks. They often feed off uneaten food, fecal matter, and any leftovers. This makes isopods the best pet to have in a reptile tank or terrarium, where hygiene management could be an issue.

Good Companion Pets

Isopods make ideal companion pets for many other pets of yours. Isopods coexist very well in various ecosystems with other pets. They maintain the hygiene conditions of the ecosystems very well, too. Isopods are usually put alongside reptiles, insects, and other isopods in shared set-ups as companion pets.

Minimal Space Needed

Isopods naturally live in small spaces like dead wood and between rocks. So, they do not need much space even when grown as pets. You only have to provide them with enough space so that they can find the food and the other isopods easily. The only thing that they need is a closed enclosure, as they may wander off otherwise. This minimal space requirement makes isopods the best pets for people with limited living conditions.

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