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Buying isopods from a pet shop

In this ever-changing world, pets serve as a constant source of companionship and joy. With an increasing number of individuals venturing beyond traditional pets to the realm of exotic creatures, isopods' quality may seem uncommon, but they are steadily gaining popularity. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on buying isopods from pet shops, how to choose the right ones, and ensuring their healthy longevity.


Understanding Isopods


Before commencing on the journey of owning isopods, it is vital to understand what these creatures are. Isopods, commonly known as 'roly polies' or 'pill bugs', are invertebrate animals cherished for their minimal care requirements, unique appearance, and contribution to a thriving ecosystem. Sea-dwelling counterparts excluded, terrestrial isopods are accessible pets that can live comfortably in a home environment.


Reasons to Buy Isopods from Pet Shops


Several reasons make pet shops the best place to buy isopods.


  1. Wide Variety: Pet shops offer a wide range of species you can choose from, each with its unique characteristics and care needs.


  1. Expert Advice: Pet shop staff often possess in-depth knowledge of isopods' care and can guide you on the ideal options based on your lifestyle and preferences.


  1. Healthy Specimens: Renowned pet shops prioritize maintaining the health and wellbeing of their isopods, giving you peace of mind about your new pet's condition.


Choosing the Right Isopods


When buying isopods from pet shops, several factors should direct your decision.


  1. Species: With over 10,000 species globally, you can choose from various isopods, each with unique colorations and size. Some popular choices include the Cuban Isopod, Giant Tropical Isopod, and Dwarf White Isopod.


  1. Health: Healthy isopods appear active, with regular movement and no visible physical abnormalities. Consult with pet shop staff to ensure you are bringing home healthy pets.


  1. Environment: The living conditions of the isopods in the shop can speak volumes about their health. They should reside in a clean, appropriately humid container with plenty of hiding spots.


After Purchase Care


Just buying the isopods should be the beginning of your journey. Proper care ensures the longevity of your pets. Factors to consider are:


  1. Optimum Habitat: You need to replicate a natural isopod habitat in your home, which includes providing damp wood, leaves, and a stable temperature range.


  1. Food: Their diet should be rich in vegetables and fruits, with occasional protein sources.


  1. Social Needs: Isopods thrive in groups, so consider buying a small colony.




Buying isopods from a pet shop can be an exciting adventure, provided you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge. With the right pick and aftercare, these fascinating creatures can become a cherished addition to your home.


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