Feeding Isopods Pinkie Mice

 Pinkie mice are small newborn mice that are commonly used as feeders for snakes and other carnivorous reptiles.

Feeding isopods with pinkie mice has a lot of benefits:-


  1. Nutritional Value


Pinkie mice offer a nutritious meal for isopods. They are rich in protein and fats, which are crucial for the growth and development of isopods. This is particularly important for breeding colonies, as it ensures that the offspring are healthy and strong.


  1. Variety


Feeding isopods with a variety of food items is crucial in preventing boredom and increasing their overall health. Pinkie mice offer a great alternative to the standard diet, which mainly consists of fruits and vegetables.


  1. Growth


Feeding isopods with pinkie mice has been shown to accelerate their growth rate. This is particularly important for commercial breeders who need to produce large quantities of isopods in a short amount of time.


  1. Reproduction


Feeding isopods with pinkie mice can also improve their reproductive success. The increased nutritional value and variety of food can have a positive impact on the fertility and survival rates of the offspring.


  1. Cost Effective


Feeding isopods with pinkie mice can be a cost-effective way of providing them with a nutritious meal. Pinkie mice are readily available and often sold in bulk, making them an affordable option for breeders.


PostPods offer pinkie mice to our isopods so each colony continues to be healthy and strong.

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