Benefits Of Feeding Cubaris Bat Guano

 If you are an isopod enthusiast, like us at PostPods, you've probably heard of Cubaris, a group of unique and fascinating isopods known for their vibrant colours and playful personalities. Keeping Cubaris is a rewarding hobby, but to keep them happy and healthy, you need to feed them the right food. Fortunately, feeding Cubaris isopods with bat guano provides numerous benefits, making it an excellent natural solution to keep your isopods thriving.


What is Cubaris?


Before discussing the benefits of feeding Cubaris with bat guano, let's first take a closer look at these creatures. Cubaris is a genus of land-dwelling isopods that belong to the family Trichoniscidae. These isopods come in various sizes and colours, and they are known for their vibrant hues, ranging from metallic blue and green to bold orange and yellow. By keeping them in a terrarium or vivarium, they create an interesting and peaceful ecosystem in your home.


Benefits of Feeding Cubaris Isopods with Bat Guano


Bat guano is an excellent food source for your Cubaris isopods because it is loaded with nutrients and also contains beneficial microbes. These benefits include:


  1. High in protein: One of the primary benefits of feeding Cubaris isopods with bat guano is its high protein content. Since isopods are scavengers, they require a protein-rich diet to maintain healthy growth.


  1. Natural probiotic: Bat guano contains a high concentration of beneficial microbes, which help to break down organic matter.


  1. Nutrient-rich: Bat guano contains several essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which stimulate plant growth and support the overall health of your isopods.


There are different types of Cubaris isopods, and these are:


  1. Cubaris murina: This species is characterised by a bold blue-green metallic colour and a very active personality.


  1. Cubaris sp. "red panda": This brilliant orange species has a lovely, fuzzy texture that makes it popular among collectors.


  1. white outCubaris sp. "": This milky white species has a striking appearance, and its calm demeanour makes it a favourite isopod among Cubaris collectors.


  1. rubber duckyCubaris sp. "": This species is a small and cute isopod that has a distinct rubber ducky appearance due to its yellow colour and ‘facial expression’ when the isopod turns into a ball.


  PostPods have a wide variety of Cubaris species in our collection and will release groups of isopods from time to time. Check out our available Cubaris isopods for more information.

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