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Isopod Mystery Box

Isopod Mystery Box

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Isopod Mystery Box For Sale

Isopods are tiny animals that do not have backbones. There are over 10,000 species of isopods present worldwide. Isopods are generally small creatures. Their size varies between a couple of micrometers up to a half meter (we don't sell those ones unfortunately)

Isopods have a wide distribution geographically. Isopods are present in almost all terrains of the world. It is possible to find isopods in distinctive places like oceans, mountains, deserts, etc.

Isopods have recently gained popularity as low-maintenance pets. They are great as beginner-friendly pets. Their ability to adapt to even the harshest conditions and relatively smaller size make them excellent pets. 

In addition to being sold alone, they are also available in mystery boxes. Many isopod sellers/breeders offer isopod mystery boxes for customers to purchase. While purchasing a mystery box, the customer is unaware of the isopods that will be inside the box. This creates a high anticipation and excitement in the buyers.

Isopods: A General Overview

  • Scientific Name: Isopoda

  • Class: Malacostraca

  • Kingdom: Animalia

  • Phylum: Arthropoda

Isopod Mystery Box

The Isopod mystery box is a very popular product for hobbyists for a variety of reasons. An isopod mystery box is a random collection of various isopods. The content and the isopod species in a mystery box will be unknown to the buyer until they receive it. 

At PostPods, the isopod mystery boxes we offer contain extra isopods worth upto 50% more than the original  mystery box purchaseprice. These mystery boxes enable the buyer to receive a surprise element and the added value for the money paid.

Although the selection of isopods for the mystery box is random, we list all the isopods we have available on our website. So, you will only recieve isopods from our listed items online.

Why A Mystery Box?

Brands and businesses worldwide have been developing a particular interest in the concept of mystery boxes. The idea of sending random products from a business’s collection sounds very interesting. It also creates a significant sense of curiosity and novelty for the buyers. 

The pleasant surprise that the buyers feel when opening the mystery box is sure to cause significant dopamine release. The pleasure felt will be even more remarkable when the surprise is regarding live creatures or animals.

Through mystery boxes of isopods, PostPods attempts to do the same. The team expects to make it a pleasant surprise for the buyers on which isopod they receive. 

Types of Isopods in the Isopod Mystery Box

As mentioned before, an isopod mystery box from PostPods contains some of the most popular types of isopods. They are explained in detail below (but not restricted to these types).


Cubaris is a very popular genus of creatures that contains over 100 species. Cubaris isopods are incredibly popular as pets as they require pretty low maintenance. When compared to other isopods, the Cubaris isopods have a relatively longer lifespan. Their reproduction rates are pretty low. 

Cubaris isopods are very easy to take care of. These isopods are in high demand and are a bit expensive, so they are a valuable addition to any mystery box. The incredibly popular pet isopod called Rubber Ducky comes under the Cubaris genus. Some of the other famous members of the Cubaris genus are as follows.


Porcellio isopods are a possible addition to the isopod mystery boxes. Porcellio genus isopods are in great demand in the pet isopod world. Isopods of the Porcellio genus are found around the globe. Many isopods in the genus can withstand almost all kinds of harsh conditions.

As of now, about 200 species have been reported to be a part of the Porcellio genus. A good number of these species are suitable to rear as pets. The very popular pet isopod called Dairy Cow is a member of the Porcellio genus.

The isopods in the Porcellio genus generate great curiosity among buyers for their unique defence mechanism of running in a maze-like pattern. Their polymorphic trait is also unique.


Armadillidium is a highly sold pet isopod genus. The isopod members of this genus are all in wide demand worldwide. The characteristic feature of the Armadillidium genus isopods is their ability to roll into a ball as part of the defence.

Armadillidium isopods are one of the most commonly available isopods. They are also sold in bulk numbers due to the ease of caring for them. There are about 189 species present in the Armadillidium genus. 

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