What to feed Isopods

Isopods, also known as pill bugs and rolly-pollies, are fascinating creatures to keep as pets, but what should you feed them?


  1. Fruits and Vegetables


Isopods love fruits and vegetables, and these should make up the bulk of their diet. Some of their favourites include:


- Apples (cut into small pieces)

- Bananas (cut into small pieces)

- Carrots (grated or finely chopped)

- Cucumbers (finely sliced)

- Sweet potatoes (boiled and mashed)

- Zucchini (finely sliced)


It's important to note that isopods have a relatively slow digestive process and prefer their food to be at room temperature, so leave their food out for a few hours before removing any uneaten pieces.


  1. Proteins


Isopods are not only vegetarian; they also enjoy protein-rich foods. Some good options include:


- Fish flakes (ground into small pieces)

- Shrimp pellets (crushed into smaller bits)

- Boiled eggs (finely chopped)


Proteins should be given to isopods in moderation, as too much can cause them to grow more quickly and shorten their lifespan.


  1. Calcium-Rich Foods


Like all animals, isopods require calcium to maintain strong exoskeletons. Some calcium-rich foods you can give them include:


- Cuttlebone (crushed into small pieces)

- Eggshells (boiled and ground into a fine powder)

- Calcium carbonate powders (found in reptile and bird supplements)


  1. Other Foods


Isopods are relatively omnivorous and will happily eat a range of other foods. Some unusual options include:


- Dead leaves and wood

- Paper products (such as paper towels)

- Rotting fruit and vegetables (although ensure to remove any mouldy pieces)

- Commercial isopod diets


However, be cautious when feeding isopods any non-organic materials or items that have been treated with chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.



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