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Our First Invert Show

Sunday saw us attending our first ever invert show, having been avid collectors of inverts and reptiles for years we always attend at least 1 IHS show per year but have never until last weekend had the opportunity to be a trader at a show.

Saturday night was actioned packed, trying to organise what isopods we wanted to take to sell and of what quantities, as we had never attended a show like this as a trader we were unsure what type of isopods would sell and of what quantity so we tried to take a variety, the main star attraction for sure was the space pods. Owing to the unusual shape and overall appearance this was a great opportunity to show isopod keepers of all experience levels something different.

On the morning of the show, the snow was worse than expected so we were unsure what sort of crowd to expect and although not overly busy, we really enjoyed the experience and thoroughly enjoyed meeting current and new customers as well as other traders. Having the chance to share a table with Tom Marsh at Exotics Empire was great as although Tom had never exhibited at a show before, he knew a lot of people and was kind enough to introduce me to these people too which made the experience more enjoyable and less anxious for sure haha.

We learnt a lot on this day including some great ideas how to do shows in 2024 a little different as we will be definitely attending more next year.

Dairy cow isopods were a popular seller which was great news as we were able to thin out a few tubs we had a lot of. The panda kings were also a popular choice, both of which we were offering at great prices due to how much they have been breeding for us recently.

Thank you to everyone involved with organising the show, those who attended the shows and to all the among community for giving me the confidence to do something like this which is very much out of my comfort zone.

If you are attending any shows next year, please let me know which ones you are attending and when as I want to try attend as many shows as possible in 2024.

We are going to try bring something a little different to the table (literally haha) Including some fun free to enter giveaways and some different ways of presenting/showcasing our amazing pods.

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