Cucumber Traps To Find Wild Isopods

Are you tired of finding small, creepy crawlies in your garden and disrupting the beautiful aesthetic of your environment? Isopods, also known as pill bugs or rolly pollys, are one such insect that can be found in a garden. They may be cute to some, but they can be destructive to your plants, and can easily multiply if left unchecked. Fear not, for with this simple tutorial, you can get rid of isopods using a cucumber trap!


Cucumbers have been found to be irresistible to isopods, making them a great lure for trapping them. You will need a few things to set up the trap: a cucumber, a small container, and a pair of scissors.


Firstly, cut the cucumber into small pieces and place them inside the container. It's essential to choose a container that's shallow enough since isopods prefer to dwell close to the ground. A plastic container or a paper cup cut to size will work perfectly.


Now, place the container in an area where you have seen isopods roaming around. Ensure that the container is open, and it’s not fully covered with soil or vegetation to attract more critters. Within a few days, you'll see isopods gathered inside the container, attracted by the scent of cucumber.


As soon as the container is full, pick it up, and discard the contents into a designated area far away from your garden. Ensure to check for any remaining pill bugs within the container before disposing of them.


Setting up multiple traps in different areas at the same time may be necessary for larger infestations. This technique may be helpful to minimize the isopod population until more thorough intervention may be taken.


In conclusion, setting up a cucumber trap is a fun, simple, and convenient way to manage a pesky isopod infestation. By following these easy steps and placing the traps around your garden, you can keep these little creatures under control, and enjoy a beautiful garden once again!

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