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Jupiter Isopods (Cubaris sp.)

Jupiter Isopods (Cubaris sp.)

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Jupiter Isopods For Sale

Cubaris Jupiter Isopods really are a product of 'you are what you eat' well as far as colouration goes at least! We notice that the colours of cubaris Jupiter isopods is greatly improved with a died containing regular carrot, butternut quash and sweet potato.
  • Difficulty Level: High
  • Temp: 70F - 80F
  • Humidity: 70% - 80%
  • Size: 2cm
  • Origin: Southeast Asia/Thailand
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Favourite Foods: Carrot
  • Supplements: Cuttlebone (or calcium powder), Bat Guano, Bee Pollen

Comments: Cubaris Jupiter isopods were our first high end Jupiters here at PostPods, we got these in the same shipment as our Ambers and Lemon Blue Isopods and the Jupiters we notice seem to spread out more in the enclosure not sticking to the same parts like most other cubaris sp we keep.

Jupiter isopods seem to breed slowly and have slow brood sizes however we are currently experimenting with different supplements and foods to see if this helps

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