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Lemon Blue Isopods (Cubaris sp.)

Lemon Blue Isopods (Cubaris sp.)

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Lemon Blue Isopods For Sale

Lemon Blue Isopods (Cubaris sp.) are a medium/large size isopods and are our by favourite isopods that we currently stock.

We notice that the colours of Lemon blues is greatly improved with a died containing regular carrot, butternut quash and sweet potato.

Combined with the right supplements, these isopods showcase an extraordinary blend of bright lemon and blue, unmatched by any other isopods.

We find these not as forgiving as some other isopods so not something for a beginner as they also require a little more maintenance, but once you have this right they are very easy to maintain.

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Temp: 70F-80F
  • Humidity: 70% - 80%
  • Size: Upto 2cm
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Rarity: Very High
  • Favourite Foods: Leaf litter, Carrot, Cucumber, fish food
  • Supplements: Cuttlebone (or calcium powder), bat guano, bee pollen

Comments: Lemon Blue Isopods when we first got them we were not too excited when we saw them but after settling in the colours really changed and seem to also improve with age.

These seem a little slower than the Ambers to breed even though we started with the same care and setup for each as they are both Cubaris sp.

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